My name is Kevin Ortiz, born and raised in Bayamón, Puerto Rico and residing in Miami, Florida.  With a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from the University of Puerto Rico-Carolina Campus, it makes Graphic Design one of my strongest skills while also being proficient in photography and social media. 
Growing up with Sports and Music, they’ve played a defining role in my life and also being a huge influence in my design style and career path. My multiple work experiences, most recently at Auburn University Athletics as a Creative Specialist and before that at Iowa State University Athletics as a Graphic Designer, have also helped shaped how I approach projects and have given me great insight into the industry,
Would love to connect further, feel free to reach out with any inquiry.
Senior Graphic Designer -
Senior Graphic Designer - University of Miami Athletics
Graphic Designer - Iowa State University Athletics
Creative Specialist - Auburn University Athletics
Freelance Graphic Designer - Seattle Dragons (XFL)
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